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Keith J. Bergeron construction attorney

Keith J. Bergeron


504 593 0789

New Orleans, LA

As a degreed engineer, Keith J. Bergeron realizes that it gives his construction clients a sense of security to know they share similar backgrounds and that he understands their type of work.

Receiving a lawsuit brought against you brings the stigma that something went wrong, but sometimes that is not a true statement. Keith investigates claims and defends his clients in all aspects of construction and construction surety law.  He devotes special attention to architectural and engineering defense, licensing and contractual claims.

Keith earned his undergraduate degree in engineering from the University of New Orleans. After graduation, he worked at Chevron for about 10 years as a mechanical engineer in its pipeline company, responsible for delivering crude oil and natural gas to refineries onshore.

He is a regular speaker at the University of New Orleans’ engineering school and is active with the American Bar Association's Forum on the Construction Industry, where he serves on the steering committee for Division 10 (Transportation, Environment, and Legislation), and currently serves on its Governing Committee and chairs its Technology Committee.
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