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Sean Mount litigation attorney

Sean P. Mount


504 593 0653

New Orleans, LA

With a special interest in defense litigation, Sean Mount enjoys addressing client problems and crafting a solution that is best suitable for their business. He defends corporate clients and insurance companies in a variety of litigation claims that can arise as a result of today’s competitive legal environment.

Sean's primary interest in the legal world is how it affects all aspects of society and life and knows each client and litigation matter is unique.  After assessing each dispute, he scales a defense that fits the legal and business needs of his clients; making sure their interests protected.

Building upon his extensive courtroom experience, he has successfully litigated a variety of matters in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas for various corporate and insurance clients. He also defends clients against class action and mass tort litigation cases involving chemical and oil emissions, extensive construction litigation for general contractors and professionals engineers, and complex insurance coverage and analysis.

He is a native and lifelong resident of Louisiana where he graduated from Jesuit High School before attending Louisiana State University.

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