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Jonathan Walsh litigation attorney

Jonathan M. Walsh


504 593 0785

New Orleans, LA

Jonathan is privileged to represent clients who share his desire to “get to the right result, quickly.”

“Unfortunately, an offshoot to Louisiana’s intertwined networks of transportation, tourism, and industry is a significant human cost. Whether it’s a trucking accident or a conventioneer failing to navigate a side-walk, severe injuries occur on a daily basis.” While most of his practice is dedicated to achieving the best-possible result for his clients in litigation, Jonathan works with clients in Louisiana and around the country to develop training and investigation protocols to reduce accidents and to effectively investigate the ones that happen. By developing claim and case-handling protocols, for example, he was able to significantly reduce a client’s exposure in high-value personal injury across multiple jurisdictions.

Jonathan is proud to call New Orleans home. He has never forgotten his roots in New Jersey or his collegiate and graduate experience, in French Literature, at the University of Notre Dame, where he fondly recalls starting at left-tackle on his dorm’s undefeated, inter-hall football team. “We played the final in Notre Dame Stadium, the day after the Irish lost to Boston College in 1993. Despite that loss, the football players who lived in the dorm, including the quarterback, came to watch us, a bunch of goof-balls, and cheer for us.” Jonathan remains connected to his alma mater, by blogging about Notre Dame sports and serving as the game watch coordinator for the Notre Dame Alumni Club of New Orleans. 

Jonathan is proud to have served his country. He joined the Coast Guard Reserve in 1997 and participated in many major contingency operations. He was called to active duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003-2004, deployed to Kuwait, and was awarded the Coast Guard Commendation Medal and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for his service with Port Security Unit 308. He also deployed to Gulfport, Mississippi, and Galveston, Texas, in support of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Ike relief operations.

“Practicing law, and living, in New Orleans is ideal. I am able to argue motions in the same courts where some of the most important cases in our nation’s history were argued, have lunch in a world-renowned restaurant, and pick up my daughter from the oldest girl’s school in the country. Plus, I don’t have to deal with Turnpike traffic.”

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