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Denia S. Aiyegbusi litigation defense attorney

Denia S. Aiyegbusi


504 593 0690

New Orleans, LA

Denia Aiyegbusi takes pride in helping her clients creatively solve litigation problems. Denia knows when choosing a law firm, clients look for an attorney who brings unique perspectives to a matter and gives different solutions in handling any client problems that may arise.

Denia is part of the firm's civil litigation department and works on cases ranging from small property subrogation claims, all the way to multi-million dollar traumatic brain injury personal injury cases. She also defends claims of bad faith/extra-contractual litigation, premises liability, products liability and trucking and transportation defense.

She knows it's less about the expertise of the law, and more about getting the best results for the client.  When a matter begins, Denia studies the client and educates herself on the file to develop a strategy that best fits the client's expected end result.

Denia has successfully argued motions in both state and federal courts throughout Louisiana. As an appellate lawyer, she has successfully argued in the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal and briefed to the Louisiana Supreme Court. 

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