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Joshua G. Keller litigation defense attorney

Joshua G. Keller


504 593 0735

New Orleans, LA

Josh Keller sees everyday as an opportunity to meet new people and learn more about their interests. He enjoys spending time with his clients discussing important details behind tragic accidents and working with them to solve their legal problems.

As a defense litigator, Josh understands the importance of choosing proper experts and preparing thorough cross examinations.

Josh works hard to understand his clients’ expectations in litigation.  He enjoys learning about different personalities, lifestyles and perspectives.  He uses this information to help solve complex legal problems in the most cost effective way possible. His work involves defending individuals and corporations against a wide variety of claims from auto accidents to defamation and business interruption claims, and products liability matters.

As a New Orleans native, Josh is married with three children and devotes his leisure time to reading, coaching youth baseball, playing golf and fishing.

"With my clients, I take pride in being responsive, open-minded and honest. With my colleagues, I try to be honest, deliberate and candid."

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